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The Perfect Blend of Nutrition and Science. A Leader in Sport and Health Supplements, Worldwide. With expertise in the USA and Europe markets, NutriBlends is your go-to destination for lightning-fast tailored solutions for your business needs. Welcome to NutriBlends, where the art of nourishment meets scientific expertise in health and food.

At NutriBlends, we take pride in being dynamic manufacturers in sports and health nutrition worldwide. Our exceptional track record in successfully managing brands and factories speaks volumes about our mastery in meticulously mixing high-quality sport and health supplements. With several decades of experience specifically in the USA and Europe markets, we fully comprehend the evolving demands of the supplement industry. We are driven by effective communication and understand the need for rapid responses to cater to the changing market needs.

At NutriBlends, we don’t just say “No,” we provide genuine solutions that work within the shortest possible timespan. Join us at NutriBlends and experience unparalleled expertise, innovation, and efficiency in delivering top-notch products.

Our¬ values

At NutriBlends Health and Food, our utmost satisfaction lies in the happiness of our customers. We are committed to continuously developing our products to even higher standards through our own research and development. Some may label our dedication as obsessive, but we see it as our pursuit of perfection.



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We actively engage in research for both current and new materials and ingredients, working closely with our customers every step of the way. Through this collaborative effort, we continuously explore and develop innovative products at concept, product, and production levels. Our unwavering commitment ensures that these ideas are transformed into tangible, high-quality products that surpass the industry standards.

What they say about us



The best flavor and mixability we had during our search for the perfect manufacturer for our brand. No nonsense people with actually knowledge in the field of manufacturing sport supplements. Fast response, fast turnover and amazing taste. Honestly we are very happy.

Outstanding service


Got naughty and called cold without any information and was helped right away by the acting ceo. They took the time to answer my questions and send me samples within days to confirm the quality. What can i say, give respect where respect is due to give. These guys are the best at what they do. For me a five out of five without doubt.

One and only


Started my own nutrition brand after doing years of influencing for a big brand. Actually was not really searching for a manufacturer but ran into one of the owners and was instantly convinced that these are the guys to provide me my very first owned signature pre workout. These are the legends of the game.

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Starting a business with NutriBlends Health and Food means endless possibilities and a chance to satisfy your curiosity. We’re here to assist you at every step, so don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Our pleasure lies in promptly and thoroughly addressing all your inquiries.